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the characteristics of this plan

. E-commerce development potentially very strong. Network spending habits after 70, 80, 90, after being gradually become the main force of the consumer market, a significant increase in online consumer groups; as mobile intelligent terminal application acceleration, e-commerce activities carrier growing popularity, the degree of facilitation greatly increased. It is estimated that, to the end of the 12th Five-Year "period, China's online retail market size is more than five times. With the popularization and application of Internet technology and the growing national economy of the city, Changsha, e-commerce has entered a fast track of development, has become a growth industry beginning to take shape. The data show that, Changsha e-commerce transactions in recent years, a rate of more than 30% average annual growth. In 2012, it is expected the city's e-commerce transactions amounted to more than 1200 billion, which focus on e-commerce business transactions amounted to 420 billion yuan. Involved in the field of e-commerce industry by the flow of commerce gradually expanded to the field of manufacturing, cultural tourism and the financial services industry and agriculture, has penetrated into the entire process of production, distribution, consumption and real economic activity on the consumer, production and economic restructuring The upgrade has a strategic significance. Average annual growth of more than 30% E-commerce is no longer strange, more and more consumers become "online shopping" family. But online shopping is just one of the areas of e-commerce. Overall, e-commerce is a new form of economic activity, network has now become an effective means for countries to achieve the optimal allocation of resources to win the international competitive advantage. Municipal Bureau of Commerce to promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the e-commerce industry, leading the preparation of Changsha City, the first e-commerce industry development plan, planning publicity today shows this new thing of the e-commerce in Changsha "Today and Tomorrow". Recently, the reporter interviewed the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Mao Pengcheng, his interpretation of the characteristics of this plan. Developing However, compared with the first-tier cities, Changsha e-commerce transactions, environmental construction, e-commerce, personnel training and the introduction of e-commerce common platform construction is lagging behind. Therefore, Changsha need to plan to guide the further development of e-commerce, to take the characteristics of the development of road.

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