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leading mobile payment platform

Improve the level of e-commerce applications. To promote large-scale enterprises to deepening the e-commerce applications, and promote the use of third-party e-commerce service platform for SMEs to carry out online purchases, sales, billing, and e-commerce applications to support enterprise supply chain management system as the core, for the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry to provide procurement, full e-commerce sales, inventory, logistics services, promote the coordinated development of the industry. To promote e-commerce applications popularity and deepen During the second five three major tasks facing the development of e-commerce industry in Changsha E-commerce major construction project in Changsha, the mobile payment system in mobile e-commerce company and Talkweb Information support mobile commerce technology, to seize the highlands of mobile e-commerce industry, to build the Chinese mobile e-commerce headquarters base. Build a complete system, reasonable structure and mobile e-commerce industry chain; establish-oriented e-government, public utilities, health care, education, campus, financial services, geographic travel, life services, consumer shopping, culture, media, employment information, transportation logistics services mobile e-commerce platform to promote mobile e-commerce applications, terminal, smart card, chip, security, platform solutions such as mobile the rural mobile e-commerce platform to establish and regional mobile health platform construction; efforts to build a national mobile payment center, led payment of the development of the industry chain. Strengthen the mobile e-commerce innovation research, and actively develop mobile e-commerce mode, actively explore in the full use of the existing model based on the fusion of cloud computing, Internet of Things technology of mobile e-commerce application mode, to lead the development of mobile e-commerce. E-commerce development in China started late, but want to make e-commerce development faster, better, it is necessary to strengthen the development of e-commerce logistics. The newly introduced Changsha e-commerce industry development plan "clearly accelerated the development of e-commerce industry faces three major tasks, proposed to improve Changsha e-commerce logistics service system, play of Changsha traffic and location advantages, the construction of a number in line with the needs of e-commerce development logistics center. Task one To build the country's leading mobile payment platform . Promote the diversification of online retail. Encourage innovation and development of large and medium-sized retail enterprises online retail, to promote small and medium retail enterprises to make full use of the advantages of resources of the local B2C e-commerce platform, innovative the SoLoMo new type of e-commerce mode, to strengthen the leadership of Changsha TV shopping in the country.

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