Serviced Office Company Formation

grasp of market supply and demand

First, leaders attach importance to organize effectively. The supply of anti-Freezing Paul as the current business focus, the major leading cadres take personal charge of the organization of cadres and workers into supermarkets, markets, shopping malls, companies understand the commodity reserve sales. . In recent days, the low-temperature Freezing weather hit Guizhou Province, many highways, road closures, and out of Dejiang blocked the transport of goods. Dejiang County Business Center in accordance with Dejiang county party, the Government earnestly unified arrangements and deployment of low-temperature Freezing Weather cope, to take positive and effective measures to intensify supply organizations, and fully ensure market supply of pork, food and other necessities. Currently, Dejiang County adequate supply of all kinds of goods, prices stable, able to meet the holiday needs of the market. To actively respond to the low-temperature Freezing weather, ensuring market supply Dejiang County Business Center to take the following measures: The third is to strengthen market monitoring, and grasp the situation of the market in a timely manner. Further intensify market monitoring efforts, increase the necessities monitoring enterprise Germany Jiangmin benefits, and key circulation enterprise, Zhou Yang logistics, the important production monitoring enterprise Dejiang agricultural production monitoring efforts, focused on monitoring grain, oil, salt, meat, poultry, market supply and prices of eggs and other basic necessities. According to the necessities of the market situation monitoring, accurate grasp of market supply and demand and price situation, strengthen market analysis, timely release of information to guide the business consumer guide residents.     The second is to strengthen the necessities supply organizations, ensuring market supply. Good investigation, focusing mastered the availability of commodities such as vegetables, meat, and guide enterprises to increase efforts to the procurement of goods, give full play to the large supermarkets in the supply of goods, to protect the role of price stability, increase supermarket Min Hui, and music of the supermarket Hongfa guide of the supermarket to promote Heli the supermarket soon as possible for business to ensure market supply.

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